The Best of British Comedy – 3 CD box CD1 1-1 –Bernard Cribbins Hole In The Ground 1-2 –The Goons The Ying Tong Song 1-3 –Rolf Harris Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport 1-4 –Kenneth Williams Not An Asp 1-5 –Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren Goodness Gracious Me 1-6 –George Formby When I’m Cleaning Windows 1-7 –Peter Cook & Dudley Moore The Royal Box 1-8 –Benny Hill Gather In The Mushrooms 1-9 –Flanders & Swann The Gnu Song 1-10 –Charlie Drake Splish Splash 1-11 –Joyce Grenfell Nursery School 1-12 –Noël Coward Mad Dogs And Englishmen 1-13 –Frankie Howerd I’m The Man Who’s Deputising For The Bull 1-14 –Arthur Askey The Bee Song 1-15 –Michael Bentine Holiday Commercial 1-16 –Alan Bennett Take A Pew 1-17 –Bernard Bresslaw Mad Passionate Love 1-18 –Will Hay (2) Convict 99 1-19 –Rob Wilton* The Home Guard 1-20 –Charlie Higgins (2) Down In The Field Where The Buttercups All Grow 1-21 –Stanley Holloway The Lion And Albert 1-22 –Max Bygraves You’re A Pink Toothbrush 1-23 –Dudley Moore And The Same To You 1-24 –Cast Of The Rag Trade Letter From Bill 1-25 –Tommy Handley It’s That Man Again CD2 2-1 –The Goons I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas 2-2 –Charlie Drake My Boomerang Won’t Come Back 2-3 –Flanders & Swann Design For Living 2-4 –Rob Wilton* The Munitions Worker 2-5 –Tommy Cooper (2) Don’t Jump Off The Roof Dad 2-6 –Peter Sellers Balham: Gateway To The South 2-7 –Kenneth Williams And Lance Percival Hand Up Your Sticks 2-8 –Max Miller Listen-I Like The Girls Who Do 2-9 –Cast Of Beyond The Fringe* Real Class 2-10 –Joyce Grenfell Lord Lundy 2-11 –Frank Randle The Old Hiker 2-12 –Peter Ustinov Phoney Folklore 2-13 –Charlie Penrose The Laughing Policeman 2-14 –Stanley Holloway With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm 2-15 –Joyce Grenfell And Norman Wisdom Narcissus 2-16 –Benny Hill Transistor Radio 2-17 –Noël Coward The Stately Homes Of England 2-18 –Charlie Drake Mr Custer 2-19 –Eric Sykes And Hattie Jacques We Go Together 2-20 –Bernard Miles Over The Gate 2-21 –Bernard Bresslaw You Need Feet 2-22 –Peter Cook TVPM 2-23 –Michael Bentine Football Results 2-24 –Joyce Grenfell Songs My Mother Taught Me 2-25 –Bernard Cribbins Right Said Fred CD3 3-1 –Terry Scott (2) My Brother 3-2 –Tony Hancock The Secret Life Of Anthony Hancock 3-3 –The Goons Bluebottle Blues 3-4 –Peter Sellers I’m So Ashamed 3-5 –Bernard Cribbins Gossip Calypso 3-6 –Peter Ustinov Mock Mozart 3-7 –Joyce Grenfell The Woman On The Bus 3-8 –Frankie Howerd It’s All Right With Me 3-9 –Max Miller Let’s Have A Ride On your Bicycle 3-10 –George Formby Auntie Maggie’s Remedy 3-11 –Charlie Chester The Vamp Of Baghdad 3-12 –Flotsam & Jetsam New Words For Old 3-13 –Will Hay (2) The Fourth Form At St Michael’s 3-14 –The Famous Eccles* & Miss Freda Thing* My September Love 3-15 –Max Miller You Can’t Blame Me For That 3-16 –Reginald Gardiner Trains 3-17 –Arthur Askey I Wanna Banana 3-18 –Flanagan & Allen* The Sport Of Kings 3-19 –Cyril Fletcher The Tale Of Hector Cramp 3-20 –Frankie Howerd Three Little Fishes 3-21 –Terry Scott (2) Don’t Light The Fire ‘Til Santa’s Gone 3-22 –Dora Bryan Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend 3-23 –Gerard Hoffnung The Bricklayer’s Lament 3-24 –Charlie Drake Hello My Darlings 3-25 –Kenneth Williams Interesting Facts



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