James Brown – Classic Album Collection Plus – 3 CD box (Golden Stars)
Original albums: Please Please Please – Try Me! – Think! – The Amazing James Brown
Please, Please, Please
1-1 –James Brown Please, Please, Please
1-2 –James Brown Chonnie-On-Chon
1-3 –James Brown Hold My Baby’s Hand
1-4 –James Brown I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
1-5 –James Brown Just Won’t Do Right
1-6 –James Brown Baby Cries Over The Ocean
1-7 –James Brown I Don’t Know
1-8 –James Brown Tell Me What I Did Wrong
1-9 –James Brown That Do It
1-10 –James Brown Begging, Begging
1-11 –James Brown I Walked Alone
1-12 –James Brown No, No, No, No
1-13 –James Brown That’s When I Lost My Heart
1-14 –James Brown Let’s Make It
1-15 –James Brown Love Or A Game
Bonus Tracks-From James Brown Presents His Band Featuring Night Train (Aka “Twist Around” And “Jump Around)
1-16 –James Brown Hold It
1-17 –James Brown The Scratch
1-18 –James Brown Night Train
1-19 –James Brown The Wobble
1-20 –James Brown Night Flying
1-21 –Herb Hardesty Just A Little Bit Of Everything
Try Me!
2-1 –James Brown There Must Be A Reason
2-2 –James Brown I Want You So Bad
2-3 –James Brown Why Do You Do Me
2-4 –James Brown Got To Cry
2-5 –James Brown Strange Things Happen
2-6 –James Brown Fine Old Foxy Self
2-7 –James Brown Messing With The Blues
2-8 –James Brown Try Me
2-9 –James Brown It Was You
2-10 –James Brown I’ve Got To Change
2-11 –James Brown Can’t Be The Same
2-12 –James Brown It Hurts To Tell You
2-13 –James Brown I Won’t Plead No More
2-14 –James Brown You’re Mine, You’re Mine
2-15 –James Brown Gonna Try
2-16 –James Brown Don’t Let It Happen To Me
Bonus Tracks-From James Brown Presents His Band Featuring Night Train (Aka “Twist Around” And “Jump Around)
2-17 –Henry Moore Doin’ Everything
2-18 –James Brown Suds
2-19 –Hank Marr Tonk Game
2-20 –Henry Moore Switch-A-Roo
2-21 –Clifford Scott Bushy Tail
2-22 –James Brown Cross Firing
3-1 –James Brown Think
3-2 –James Brown Good Good Lovin’
3-3 –James Brown Wonder When You’re Coming Home
3-4 –James Brown I’ll Go Crazy
3-5 –James Brown This Old Heart
3-6 –James Brown I Know It’s True
3-7 –James Brown Bewildered
3-8 –James Brown I’ll Never, Never Let You Go Again
3-9 –James Brown You’ve Got The Power
3-10 –James Brown If You Want Me
3-11 –James Brown Baby Your Right
The Amazing James Brown
3-12 –James Brown Just You And Me Darling
3-13 –James Brown I Love You, Yes I Do
3-14 –James Brown I Don’t Mind
3-15 –James Brown Come Over Here
3-16 –James Brown The Bells
3-17 –James Brown Love Don’t Love Nobody
3-18 –James Brown Dancin’ Little Thing
3-19 –James Brown Lost Someone
3-20 –James Brown And I Do Just What I Want
3-21 –James Brown So Long
3-22 –James Brown You Don’t Have To Go
3-23 –James Brown Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do


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