David Attenborough’s First Life – BBC mini-serie på 2 x 60 min.- + dokumentar om serien på 60 min. En fascinerende rejse en halv milliard år tilbage i tiden til de første dyrs ankomst på jorden. Engelsk speak. Tekstet på engelsk.
En begejstret engelsk kunde skriver om denne DVD:

This is another typical high quality product both written and narrated by David Attenborough. The recording itself is an HD product, copyrighted in 2010. The programs use advanced CGI techniques to enlarge upon the real life locations and examples drawn from around the world. Viewers watching this series will have a very up-to-date understanding of the material and current expert thinking.

At the time of this series David Attenborough, aged in his early 80’s, was visiting the missing coverage of his series of productions centred on the theme of ‘Life.’ His apparent intention was to make just the one series with this topic but, as it turned out, he made a sequel to this series in 2013 where he traced the evolution of the vertebrates – Rise of Animals.

This current series essentially focuses on the rise of the invertebrates with only a brief mention made of the vertebrates at the series concludes. The two series’ therefore do not cover the same ground and can safely be bought as separate entities. It is worth emphasising the importance of recognising the vast variety and success of the invertebrate world as that form of life is still very much with us and accounts for 80% of all current species.

The current set consists of two 60 minute documentaries, Arrival and Conquest, followed by a fascinating 60 minute documentary, Attenborough’s Journey, which shows how the film was created with alternative shots and commentary by Attenborough on set. In many ways this may be many viewers favourite of the three films as it communicates Attenborough’s desire to communicate his love of nature so compellingly.


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